Tuesday, June 24, 2014

what does it all mean?

Yesterday I spoke here of the need for LGBT Pride celebrations.  The early ones used a different word:  freedom.  It was Gay Freedom Day and freedom and equality were at the center of these events.  I don't recall what city first used the word "pride" or even when that was.  I'm still not exactly sure of the meaning, as we use it.
I wrote a lot about LGBT Pride last year in this blog.  I spent time telling about some of our heroes, including a few allies.  I started Pride Week though by asking what it means.  Although this is Pride Month across the country, the special week or weekend celebrations vary.  This week right now though is when most of the celebrations occur.  I'd like to ask you the same question from last year.
I asked in my blog, "Are you proud?  What are you proud of?  I don't always understand the use of the word 'pride' in this place.  When we said freedom it made more sense to me, but pride, that one doesn't quite sound the same.  What do you think?"  I asked that last year, but I received no replies at all.
I'm not saying that these Pride celebrations are not important.  No, as I said here yesterday, I think they still have great importance.  It's the word though - is it the best one?  Would words like freedom or equality work better?
Oh and while I'm at it, what about the alphabet soup we now have?  Most say LGBT.  Some add a Q to that.  Sometimes other letters are added.  Is there a better way of saying it?  What does it all mean?
Why can't we just say "people"?

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