Thursday, June 19, 2014

Now they are making a movie

When I first wrote about Wong Fu Productions about a year ago, they were already doing great things, and I think they were changing the world. No there was no obvious heroics and they weren't collecting canned goods or providing beds for the homeless, but there are many ways to change the world, and they are keeping us entertained, and at times, making us think. Ted Fu, Wesley Chan, and Philip Wang have already provided a lot of joy, and now they are at work on their first feature film.

Wong Fu Productions has become an outlet for the under represented Asian American community. Their short subject videos though are ones that cross racial lines. Everyone can relate to them. If you didn't read what I previously wrote, and you just haven't heard of Wong Fu, I urge you to check out their youtube channel HERE. You will find yourself anxiously awaiting each new video. For those who already know them, I am sure you are already awaiting that full length movie!

I wish I could tell you about the movie, but unfortunately, I don't know much. It seems to have no title yet and they are guarding the plot. I can tell you that apparently some familiar faces will be in it (familiar from their videos that is). I have learned that the movie will follow two love stories and there will be elements of comedy and drama. Oh and fans have done the funding! As incredible as it may seem, they did an online fundraiser and came up raising nearly double their original goal. I think that is more proof that folks like their work, and that this picture will be well received.
Making people happy one video at a time.  What a great way to help change the world!

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