Thursday, November 13, 2014

Be the light

The things that light up someone else's life aren't necessarily complex things. Walking down the street and bring greeted by a hearty hello is a sure way to give me a smile.
When I first began writing this blog about six years ago, I thought that I might possibly run out of things to say about making a difference in our world. Nope. That is not going to happen! There are so many ways! Having recently moved into a new community, I can see clearly the multitude of differences in my new town and of course, all the similarities as well. The really big and wonderful thing is that we can always help to light the path for others.
Now as you know, this blog is NOT about me, but nevertheless, I do from time to time sneak in little references to things I do and things folks do around me. This morning I just have to mention the friendliness of all these folks I have encountered in the past several days. "Welcome to town," I keep hearing people say to me. A kind lady at the bank told me about various parades and celebrations that take place here. Folks in the coffee shop have been telling me about local museums and galleries. I think I am learning something new every day.
I could walk about in darkness. Where is the closest drugstore? Are there any good sushi places in town? Is there an ATM anywhere close? I could ask a lot of questions and hope I find my way around. The thing is, I've mostly encountered people who are already friendly and helpful. How is it where you live? Do you ever take the time to be the light for others?

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