Wednesday, November 5, 2014

on the road

Getting up extra early to get in one last San Francisco walk before hitting the road. Oh and of course I wanted to make sure this was done, largely because there might be a gap after today.  I hope that the upcoming road trip is nice and smooth, but the matter of internet access is not something I am sure of.  If nothing new shows up here for a day or two, it is likely an internet issue, not my laziness.
Oh wait a minute!  It's possible that I will simply be exhausted.  That's not the same as being lazy.  (I'm a bit tired already and we haven't even loaded the truck yet!
So, thank you San Francisco for all the love over the many years.  I hope the good folks in Arizona will be as kind.  Of course this blog has little to do with where I live because after all, it's NOT about me!  You can make a difference in the world wherever you live and I will continue writing in the same manner, just from a different venue.  Until the desk is set up in that new spot, why not talk amongst yourselves.  Leave some comments below so I'll have something to read.  Oh and by the way, I will hopefully go back to writing this every single day once again (so weekends will return), just as soon as I am settled.

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