Tuesday, November 4, 2014

bits and pieces

Writing this blog only four days a week has given me the extra time I have needed for packing and preparing to move, but I have also gotten behind and missed a number of things I have wanted to say. This morning a few bits and pieces of various things to catch up a little. I think I should also resume writing this every single day!

So, just in case you haven't noticed yet, today is election day. I know it might be a big yawn for a lot of you, but did you know that midterm elections effect your life a lot more than Presidential elections? Get out there and VOTE! (Oh and there are some people I particularly believe in that I hope will get your vote today. I hope the good folks around Campbell, CA will be sending Evan Low to the State Assembly and I hope the people on the east side of San Francisco will do likewise with David Chiu. Also, someone I have written about here many times, Dan Choi is running for the San Francisco City College Board of Trustees and deserves your vote).

Yesterday I mentioned a new video by the Jubilee Project here.  My goodness!  Those guys are so popular that I had double the number of readers!  Maybe I should write something here about them every day.  They really do make a difference in this world after all!
Over the weekend a young woman with brain cancer ended her life on her own terms.  There has already been a lot said about this and People magazine and some other publications are devoting a lot of time, not only to her specifically but also to the matter of end of life decisions.  Oregon's Death With Dignity Law is getting a lot of attention because of Brittany Maynard, who died just short of her 30th birthday, and this attention can only be a good thing.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is something that is seldom discussed and it needs to be.  Thank you Brittany for showing us the way.
Oh and one more thank you and this to the Wong Fu Productions guys.  I think they make a difference too.  They might not be trying to change the world.  I actually don't know if they have any kind of mission statement, but they have fun and they spread laughter, and that is certainly a good thing!  Click HERE to check out their attempt at putting together some puzzles (which reminds me of my quilt puzzle above).
Many important things in the news these days.  Stay on top of the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong.  Stay on top of the other things I have mentioned here.  Oh and most importantly, don't forget to VOTE!

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