Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Toangiving!

A very happy Toangiving to you all!  Huh?  You probably think I made a mistake.  Toangiving?

Today is of course Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday here in the United States and one of the most popular celebrations of the entire year.  It's a day for giving thanks and for families to gather and for folks to eat great feasts, watch parades and football on television, and begin preparations for more holidays yet to come.  It's also special for me because when I think of giving thanks, I think of this blog that I write each day and I also think of Toan Lam.
Probably more than any other individual, I have written here on many occasions about Toan.  My blog is about making a difference in this world, and Toan could easily be the posterboy for that.  he makes a difference each and every day.  His organization Go Inspire Go is such a feel-good group that every single thing I read about or see from GiG touches me very deeply.  Go Inspire Go does just what its name says - it inspires.  Toan Lam is behind that and he inspires both with that agency and just by being himself.  I'm convinced that the literal translation of Toan is inspiring.
I have so very much to be thankful for!  I have a loving family and many wonderful friends.  I have a new home and each day see new adventures.  We all have much to be thankful for of course.  Life is full of wonderful blessings.  We don't always see them though.  Some are more apt to dwell on the negative.  Toan seems to see all of the good, and just in case the rest of us don't, he freely points it out to us. He is as humble though as he is giving and will likely be embarrassed to find that I have written this.  On days when I think "oh I should skip writing my blog" or "I can't possibly keep on writing this," it's Toan Lam in the back of my mind that keep encouraging me.  I am thankful to know this kind and generous man and I give thanks that he came our way!
You can find out more about Toan and his wonderful organization at and if you read some of his words and view some of his videos, you will better understand what I mean.  Thank you Toan Lam and thank you to everyone who makes this a better world!

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