Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Change it yourself!

With all the requests I make for folks to comment on my words here, I sometimes forget that I do receive feedback from other avenues. Last night one of my dearest friends sent me the picture you see here and immediately I thought about what I would be saying this morning.  "Life has no remote.  Get up and change it yourself!"
Lying on the couch or in bed and expecting our lives to change without even lifting a finger, is an unreal expectation.  We see on the news more and more incidents that we think are unfair, and yet all we do is grumble.  Will anything change all by itself?  Now the fact that many people do get involved means that things can and will change, and often things in our lives change without us doing a thing.  Do we really want others to do all of our heavy lifting though?  Shouldn't we step up and contribute as well?
On Saturday I told you about Carlos Morales, a man in Phoenix who had just lost his wife after she gave birth prematurely to quadruplets.  Many people might have thought about how difficult the road ahead will be for this man and his four brand new babies, but most who hear the story aren't just thinking about it.  People are getting involved.  People are helping to make the changes needed to help someone else.  (By the way, the online fundraiser has already gotten 4,000 people involved in just four days, raising $145,101 and your help is most welcome too!  Just click HERE to donate or to get more information.  There is also a facebook page HERE).
It is heartwarming to see more and more people every day doing what is needed to make changes in their lives, in the lives of others, and in this great big world.  Yes, we cannot simply click a remote control, we need to get up and chance it ourselves!

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