Thursday, January 15, 2015

Helping motherless quadruplets

When a baby comes into the world, there are mountains of obstacles for him or her to overcome. Imagine what it must be like if you are born at the same time as three siblings, and your mother dies moments later. Yesterday morning, a new mother passed away at a Phoenix hospital after giving birth to quadruplets. She never even got to hold her babies.

Raising kids is not the easiest thing in the world, and the cost of course is more for each child you add to the picture.  A single father now is mourning the loss of his wife and at the same time must begin the process of taking care of four brand new children. Because the births were premature, all four babies will need to remain in the hospital for a while as doctors try to increase their weight and help them get stronger.  These motherless children won't have the advantage of being sung to, kissed, and help by their mom.  Dad, with some friends and family helping out, will be going it alone.

An online fundraiser has been setup and money is pouring in. Click HERE if you would like to help with any amount at all for the babies the Carlos Morales will be raising without their mother, Erica.  Please feel free to share this information widely too and keep Carlos and the babies in your thoughts and prayers.

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