Thursday, January 8, 2015

Long live the King

Was Elvis Presley an example of what we write about here every day? Some folks might say no. There certainly were controversies in his life, but who among us is perfect? The big question is did he make a difference in our world for the better, and the answer to that most certainly is yes!

Today I'm certain there will be adoring fans remembering the King of Rock and Roll on what would have been his 80th birthday. He died 38 years ago at the young age of 42, but even all these years later, hardly a day goes by when there isn't some reference to Elvis. Just last week when Donna Douglas passed away, we were reminded that she had starred alongside Elvis Presley in Frankie and Johnny. We remember those who were with him and the appearances he made and the news stories about him and of course his huge body of work. There really is a lot to remember too: his numerous television appearances (including live concert footage), his 33 motion pictures, and his hundreds and hundreds of singles.
Girls screamed.  Fans raced to buy the new records.  Movies all did well at the box office.  Some of them still do well today.  Oh and how about all of those Elvis impersonators? It is clear to me that this man brought a lot of happiness and left a lasting mark of the world.  He is one of the most significant icons of the 20th century.  Yes, the King of Rock did indeed make a difference.   Long live the King!

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