Friday, January 16, 2015

from my desk

Rarely do I break from my pattern of writing about hometown heroes and all the many ways we can make a difference in our world, but I have a few odds and ends this morning that I want to mention, including an update on what I wrote about here yesterday. I also want to invite you to subscribe and never miss a post.

This Martin Luther King weekend, there is so much I can write about a great man who really did so much. I mentioned him on his actual birthday last week though and I will mention him again tomorrow on the holiday. I do urge you to learn more about him. Just type his name into google or your favorite search engine and you will find tons of information!

Yesterday I wrote here about a tragedy that happened here in Arizona. A couple that had been trying to have a baby, were blessed with quadruplets, only to have the mother die shortly after childbirth. The mother's cousin set up an internet fundraiser for the father and babies, which I mentioned here, and the excellent news is the amount of money that is pouring in. Already they have raised $85,662, which is pretty incredible!   If you can help too, just go to
I am often asking for comments to be left below in our comments section.  A few days ago someone did indeed write something.  However, the message was an advertisement for their business and had nothing to do with this blog.  I deleted it.  I do hope you will feel free though to write about what we do here and also to read my posts daily - oh and tell your friends too! 

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