Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wear Red Day

Tomorrow is Wear Red Day, not some fashion designer's promotion, but rather a day to call attention to women's heart health. We often hear about men having heart attacks or strokes, but we also need to focus on fighting heart problems in women because it’s not just a man’s disease.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring some awareness, and you can help!

Some of the things you can do are really quite simple.  When you get dressed tomorrow morning, wear red.  Pretty simple, huh?  Also, use the hashtag #WearRedDay on your facebook posts and tweets.  Change your profile picture to a red one or you may borrow the picture from here and use it yourself.  No red in your closet?  Stop by somewhere on your way home tonight and buy a red necktie or scarf so you will have something! 

Read about women's heart issues and share that information with others.  If you are able, donate money to heart organizations, such as the American Heart Association.  You can set up your own fundraiser too.  Click HERE for some help with that.
We all have an opportunity to make a difference in this world.  Heart disease is very preventable with education and lifestyle changes.  Share the care.  Make a difference this Wear Red Day!  Go to for more information.  Also check out Wise Woman HERE - it's a program administered by the Centers for Disease Control for low-income, under-insured or uninsured women.

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