Monday, September 23, 2013

Homeless party at cancelled wedding

There are stories all the time that restore your faith in others and truly warm your heart and this is one of those stories to be sure.  An engaged couple called off their planned nuptials, which ordinarily would have been a sad time, but there was partying nevertheless when the bride's parents got ahold of Hosea Feed the Hungry in Atlanta, GA and turned the reception they had planned into the Fowler Family Celebration of Love.   Some 200 people were in the process and the family is working to do it all again in years to come!
Now Hosea Feed the Hungry is a pretty special organization to begin with.  They're on the other coast and I only know of them from news accounts and from their website ( but you can see they do some marvelous work!  Carol and Willie Fowler are the real heroes though.  What a kind and generous act on their part to turn their family's own disappointment into such a special day for those less fortunate.
This is one of those heartwarming stories that I love coming across.  May their generosity be an inspiration to others!

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