Friday, September 13, 2013

The Rainbow Walk of Fame

What do Jane Addams, James Baldwin, George Choy, Federico García Lorca, Allen Ginsberg, Keith Haring, Harry Hay, Sylvester James, Christine Jorgensen, Frida Kahlo, Del Martin, Yukio Mishima, Bayard Rustin, Randy Shilts, Gertrude Stein, Alan Turing, Tom Waddell, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, and Virginia Woolf have in common? They will be the first twenty honorees in the brand new Rainbow Honor Walk here in San Francisco.

I'm really excited about this project! Seeking to honor the heroes and heroines of the LGBT communities through a sidewalk tribute with bronze plaques from San Francisco’s historic Castro district and up Market Street as far as Gough Street, this is an ongoing project, (think Hollywood Walk of Fame) and it sounds to me like a really good one!  Installation of the first twenty plaques (those folks listed above) is going to be donated by the San Francisco Department of Public Works.  The cost of the plaques though is about $5,000 each. 
There is currently an online fundraiser with a $5,000 goal, but I think we can do better!  Let's shoot for $10,000.  I KNOW we can do it is everyone chips in - even if you are only donating ten of fifteen dollars.  Click HERE to go to the indiegogo fundraising site.  For more information, go to - Let's make the Rainbow Honor Walk a reality.

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