Tuesday, September 17, 2013


If you read this blog directly off of its homepage, you will notice to the right a list of links. All of the websites shown there are for things I have previously written about. Currently Latina Contra Cancer, San Francisco Night Ministry, Pam's House Blend (even though that site is no longer active, but the archives are popular), It Gets Better Project, The Jubilee Project, and Go Inspire Go, are the list.  I won't go in to telling you more about them today, but if you are interested, by all means click on the link - that's why it's there!
I'm mentioning this list for a couple of reasons.  Some of you may have never noticed and you might find it useful.  Some of you also might have suggestions of other things you think we should have links to.  I do change it up every now and then (and if you should happen to be reading this months after I post it on September 17th, the list might possibly be different).  I also include links within the body of these blog entries sometimes.  If you click on a link and it turns out to be dead, let me know about that too.
These hyperlinks are to website that I think might be of help - ones that might inspire you.  Let me know if I was right.

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