Monday, September 30, 2013

Three guys, a camera, and some amazing stories

The serious look on this man's face may have something to do with the serious subject: Alzheimer's disease. The picture comes from the latest video by The Jubilee Project. I have written about these three guys with a camera before and will likely tell you more about them in the future. Their story is incredible. The stories they tell are amazing and inspiring. If somehow you have missed by previous writing about Eddie Lee, Jason Y. Lee, and Eric I. Lu and this fantastic program they created, you can click HERE for one of my earlier blogs or even better, you can visit their website at
This latest video about Alzheimer's really touched me.  That's the idea of course.  They make videos to get things happening - volunteers, donations, general awareness - with a variety of causes.  They do it very well too.  I have been moved by each production.  I guess that's why I have written about them so many times!
I hope you will check out this video, Melody.  I hope you will also be inspired to learn more about Alzheimer's disease, one of the worst forms of dementia that gradually gets worse over time, affecting not only memory, but also thinking and personal behavior.  I hope you will even consider joining up with The Jubilee Project team at the Alzheimer's walk down in Tustin, CA next month.  The video is HERE and the fundraising page of the walk is HERE.
Thank you Jubilee Project for continuing to make a difference!  Your videos are inspiring and your good work associated with each one of them truly is making a difference.  Eddie, Jason, Eric - you guys are incredible!

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