Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It is us

I came across this picture recently and thought about how well it says it all.  There are still those who think that the Earth is not experiencing any climate change - that there is no such thing as global warming, but those are the folks who need this warning the most.  Earth does not have a backup!  We need to protect our planet!
Just a few weeks ago I heard a song from a young Bay Area band called The Blondies.  It's an original song called "It's Us," written and performed by them (with a guest appearance on their video by Pacific Boychoir), acknowledging what mankind has done to the Earth, with the hope of inspiring some or all of us to be a part of the solution.  Click HERE to check out the video - very catchy tune.
Just like the title of the song says, it's us.  It's us who brought our planet to the state it is in, but it is also us who can do something about it. 
Now let me be clear.  I don't think that Earth is going to cease to exist.  I think the planet will likely continue on and someday evolve into a place where new life forms may be able to exist.  Remember the ages ahead of us?  Remember the dinosaurs?  Remember the ice age?  Earth has gone through a lot and can most likely take a lot more, but can it continue to sustain human life?  Not at the rate we are going!  That is the issue.  That is why we need to wakeup and do something.  So who is with me?

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