Friday, April 25, 2014

Save an animal

If you knew that this cute dog needed your help, wouldn't you want to be there for him?  Dogs, cats, and other animals need human companions and if you are there for them, it will make such a huge difference to them, and to YOU!

If you are thinking of adopting an animal - think some more.  Be sure, before you take on this huge responsibility.  The animal deserves a loving home where the people are totally committed to their animal charges.  If you decide this what you really want to do, consider adopting a shelter animal.

Sometimes even those of us with the best intentions become overwhelmed with work and school and all that we are involved with, and we neglect our animals.  That's why I suggest that you think twice.  Good care is like setting a good example about humane treatment - nothing else should even be acceptable. Responsible animal ownership requires that we give animals what they need to be healthy and happy.

Do not hold back on tje love and affection. If you’ve ever brought abused or neglected animals home and treated them like a member of the family, you’ve probably seen a rewarding transformation in behavior and disposition.  As you treat them with kindness and consistency, they learn to trust you and respond with loyalty and with unending love.

We each have it in our power to make a difference in the lives of animals.  Adoption is not the only way.  We also need to be aware of abandonment, neglect, and abuse and stand up for these animals that cannot stand up for themselves.  If you see abuse - do something!  Please remember that animal cruelty is more than just wrong - it’s a crime! It not only affects the animals involved, but can endanger the health and safety of the those in the community.

Don’t have the space or or the time for your own animal? Visit one. Go and visit the pets of friends or neighbors or make a trip to a local dog park or shelter.  Volunteering at a local shelter can be very rewarding too!

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