Monday, September 8, 2014

Chocolate squirrel

Any thinking person would have realized that the waitress had offered us chocolate swirl, but somehow I heard chocolate squirrel.  I'm not sure whether I was thinking of an Easter sort of chocolate animal or an actual squirrel made somehow into ice-cream.  This was years ago, but still when I hear someone say chocolate swirl, I think chocolate squirrel.  It's much the same with the word ripple.
For some reason I don't think first of the ripples we all make in the world when we do good.  Oh I think of it all the time, don't get me wrong, but when someone just says the word ripple, the first thing I think of is chocolate ripple.  Perhaps I have some sort of chocolate fixation.
Did you ever stand on the banks of a pond or lake and throw pebbles into the water?  What happened?  Ripples, right?  That's the kind of ripples that would come to mind for most people, I would think.  Every time you hit the surface, this ripple effect occurs.  It's fun to watch.  As I said though, there is a kind of ripple effect in the world when we do something good.  Sharing information, doing good deeds, challenging people in acts of charity (like the ALS bucket challenge huge started as a tiny ripple and is now huge) - these are all things that can grow from a tiny ripple.
When information is shared from person to person, it's impact becomes greater.  This ripple effect can go on and on, just like in the water, with each circle getting larger.  If each person continues to share, there is no telling how big this ripple effect can be.
I really love this idea!  Within social interactions, these ripples can be seen with situations not directly related to the initial interaction.  What one person does can effect another person, even if the two have never met.
Do something good for someone and watch them in turn do something good for someone else.  If everyone continues to pass it on, imagine those ripples as they continue to grow.  Now let's celebrate with some fudge ripple or maybe some chocolate squirrel.

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