Friday, September 26, 2014

He's still at it

To say that Jason Villalobos is a superstar would not be an exaggeration.  Ever since I met him (and long before that) he has worked tirelessly to find an end to AIDS.  As an activist and spokesperson, his voice has been heard on television and the radio and in large gatherings in the street.  His face has been seen in magazines and on billboards and his spirit has lit fires under many who had previously been ignoring the call.
There are a great many people I know who have been bold warriors in the fight against AIDS and I have been privileged to work with them on a variety of projects.  AIDS LifeCycle is one of the great annual programs that I have great respect for.  It raises awareness which continues to be important, and it raises those much needed funds.  Jason will be out there riding again next year and he just signed up, so you can get your donation in early and be one of the first!
AIDS/LifeCycle is a seven day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  It is co-produced by the Los Angeles LGBT Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation and benefits both organizations.  It is a very public event gaining much publicity every year and forging new friendships among participants.  It brings much needed awareness as the fight against HIV/AIDS continues.  The ride is fun for the participants and it accomplishes some very important things, but ultimately they ride so that someday, they won’t have to.  Hopefully AIDS will someday be no more.  This is going to be Jason's sixth time doing the 545 mile trek from the Cow Palace down to LA.  I do hope you will give him your support!
There are a lot of important causes out there competing for our donation dollars all the time.  Sometimes it's hard to break it all down and decide where to give.  Let me tell you this:  I would sponsor Jason in LifeCycle until I used my very last penny because I believe in him.  I have never seen someone so committed and so inspiring.  There will be an end someday to HIV and AIDS and Jason Villalobos will have been one of those heroes who got us there.  If you are able to, click HERE and sponsor him in the next AIDS LifeCycle which comes up May 31st through June 6th, 2015.

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