Friday, September 19, 2014


If you think I was fired up yesterday, just wait for what I have to say now! Folks, there is still no place for hate in my life. I'm hoping the whole world will someday agree and put an end to fighting and killing and hating.
Do I think it is going to stop today?  Of course not.  I can hope, but unless people stand up and speak out against all hate, nothing will happen.  It won't simply disappear by ignoring it. 
First, let's realize that love is the better choice, but not everyone is going to begin overflowing with love.  Instead, we must all stand up to hate in all of its ugly forms.  If you hear someone calling people by pejorative terms, tell them you don't appreciate such language.  If they insist, leave them.  Seriously.  Separate yourself from the haters.  If you see an act of hatred from a stranger, stand up and call them on it.  Now, safety is an issue, and I don't want to see anyone placing themselves or others in jeopardy, but sometimes a call to the police from a distance is better for safety's sake.
Every situation is a little different and there is certainly no set of rules that will always work, but I am convinced that is we all took a stand against hate, we could effect change.  I'm not saying that you should think that every single with in the world is wonderful and people should do whatever they want wherever they want, but people should be allowed to be themselves and to live freely and responsibly and not have to worry about someone attacking them because of their religion or race or gender or sexual orientation or any other reason.
Enough hate!  Let's get rid of hate crimes and discrimination now and for all time.  There is nothing good about hate!

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