Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Yes indeed, this blog is NOT about me, but from time to time I do need to get a bit personal.  I will soon be moving to another state and to a lot of new and wonderful changes.  Changes for me will mean some possible changes here because I write about making a difference in the world from the perspective of someone who lives in a large and diverse city, San Francisco.
Of course we ALL can make a difference, wherever we live.  Since my readers might be just about anywhere, I always try to keep that in mind. 
It will still be a number of weeks before the big moving van gets packed up, but I wanted you to know right away.  During the actual day of move and possibly a day or two afterward, it is possible that nothing will appear here.  I rarely take time off from writing this, and the only time I have ever taken multiple days off was when my mother died.  I don't know about internet access and whether or not I will be able to connect though.  That really is the only thing that will slow things down.
So for now, we continue from San Francisco and in the very near future we move on but will keep in daily touch with you all right here!

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