Monday, September 29, 2014

What's going on in Hong Kong?

Have you been reading the newspapers?  What is going on in Hong Kong?  The people are in the streets!  Changes are coming!  It has happened before in other places, and it will happen again.  Picture if you will living a life with no freedom and no real dreams.  Perhaps you have money and materialism and a job but who really cares about that when your life is no longer a life but a mere robotic one, following orders from someone who doesn't care about you at all?  They want freedom.  They want democracy.
Visions of Tiananmen Square in 1989 are strong in my mind,  Many of the Hong Kong protesters are students and weren't even born then.  They know that the Communist Chinese government though is oppressive and they know they want freedom.  China took back control of Hong Kong from Britain back in 1997.  The seven million people who live in Hong Kong have seen gradual changes, and not for the better.  Slowly, many of the rights they once enjoyed are disappearing.
The pictures on television and on the internet are impressive.  People - and not only students, are standing up and saying "enough!"  Police are out in force in riot gear and using tear gas.  The specific news in Hong Kong I won't try to detail.  It is a developing story that the whole world is watching, but something big is indeed going on!

It is too soon to know how long this will last and what will be the result, but what we are seeing quite simply is people changing the world.  Through civil disobedience and marching in protest, people in Hong Kong are seeking a better life, and isn't that something we all should strive for?

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