Monday, December 29, 2014

The making of a hero

It takes all kinds of people and it takes all kinds of actions.  Very few of us actually set out to be a hero.  Last week Josh Paler Lin did something that got a lot of attention, including mine.  On Christmas Eve I even wrote about those actions HERE.  Josh's video about helping a homeless man has gotten a lot of attention.  I've mentioned it every day since and the originally online fundraising goal of $10,000 has been blown out of the water!  As of this morning they have raised $122,763.  So is Josh a hero?
Well there is much more to the story than that.  Josh has also picked up Thomas from the shelter where he was staying and put him in a motel room.  He's taken him out for meals too.  A bigger thing though I see is that Josh has shown us all how easy it is to make a difference.  People all around the world have been donating, some as little as one dollar, and because many worked together as one, something good happened.
Josh made another video about helping a homeless man.  On Thanksgiving last year he gave a homeless made $100 and then had an actor pretending to be needy, ask the homeless made for help.  You can watch that video HERE.  Josh has made other "awareness" or social experiment videos too, including a very serious one about child abduction that you can watch HERE.  Motivating people through his videos, it would seem to me that Josh is spreading a message of hope.
There have been tons of news accounts of Josh helping Thomas in these past few days.  It's a nice Christmas "feel good" kind of story and it is wonderful to see so many helping out.  What strikes me though is that Josh Lin on several occasions has gotten the ball rolling and that Josh has been the spark to ignite the flame of generosity.  That to me would make him a hero and one that all of us can so easily follow!

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