Monday, April 20, 2015

Football team says goodbye to a huge fan

We've all heard stories of professional athletes doing things that warm your heart. Remember Knute Rockne's famous Win just one for the Gipper speech? I can also tell you many tales of San Francisco Giants players visiting sick children or donating money or participating in fundraisers. This week though it was the Kansas City Chiefs that brought a tear to my eye when one of their 86 year old fans was granted a dying wish.

Betty Johnson, of Independence, Missouri, was a season ticket holder since 1986, and since then, she missed only three games. She loved her football team and it seems the Chiefs loved her. Mrs Johnson reportedly used to get a kiss from former Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe before each game. Her dying wish was to see her beloved team one last time. Former team kicker Nick Lowery visited her and gave her that traditional kiss on the cheek.

Mrs Johnson's granddaughter Autumn Barricks told KSHB Action News, "We sang a prayer, and he was going to leave, and we noticed that she was no longer breathing. We believe that she was just waiting to say goodbye to her Chiefs."  Rest in peace Betty Johnson.  You were the fan of a team with a lot of heart!

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