Monday, April 6, 2015

There's other people like you

ABC News correspondent JuJu Chang has covered some incredible stories over the years and yes, some have moved me very much. I'm not going to tell you about Ms Chang this morning though but rather about a story she told last week on Nightline. It's the story of Nathan, a transgender teen, who has a pretty moving story of his own, but there are some extra special elements. Nathan has two loving and supporting parents, and had a pretty incredible counselor in school.

I'm always saying that to change the world, we don't have to do huge things. It's the everyday kind and caring things that make a difference. When kids are at their most vulnerable, the love and support and good advice of professionals can go a long way. In this Nightline report we hear about the school counselor who supported Nathan throughout his childhood struggle. Cameras were rolling for the emotional reunion between Nathan and the counselor too.

According to this report, the counselor had years ago said "There's other people like you and you're not alone."  What a profound statement.  I think we all need to be reminded of that from time to time.  None of us is alone.  It's especially nice that this young man and his parents allowed cameras to poke into their lives and that this counselor was there and made such an impact.  I think it's great that JuJu Chang and ABC News shared this important story too.  Watch it HERE, and prepared to be moved.

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