Tuesday, April 14, 2015

more PBJ love

Last week I told you about this incredible peanut butter and jelly restaurant in Oklahoma that by doing a good deed, has inspired a lot of media buzz and a lot of suggestions of how to help others. Well those were just the first tiny ripples and in the week since, there has been so much more including a "Share the nuts" program. I'm sure Ashley Jiron had no idea what she started a week ago at her place called PB Jams in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, but she certainly started something big!

Yesterday, in addition to having started a "pay it forward" (or share the nuts, peanuts that is) there in the restaurant, where patrons can prepay for the meals of those who can't afford to pay, they also began a GoFundMe online campaign where anyone can pay for the meals of others.  Since the average meal at PB Jams is only about $10 they can already feed an awful lot of poor folks! Click HERE if you would like to donate.  By the way.  I heard about the online fundraising minutes after it was setup and took a look - two people had already donated and later when I was telling someone else about it, I looked in again and saw that 34 people had given money.  Right now, in less than 20 hours, they have already raised $1,400.  There are a lot of good hearts out there!  Check out their facebook page (HERE) too.  The comments are so inspiring.

Last week I mentioned that many restaurants will do things for poor or homeless people on occasion (some have programs all the time), but this action at a little business in Oklahoma is so heartwarming.  I hope that it inspires others.  Wouldn't it be great if there was something like this from coast to coast and nobody ever had to go hungry?

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