Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The late singer-songwriter-instrumentalist John Hartford once talked about opening up a peanut butter and jelly restaurant! Yum! Who doesn't love a classic PBJ? Well Hartford might not have gotten around to it, but someone else did, and it's on historic Route 66 (which happens to be where I am too).  Ordinarily I wouldn't be writing here about a PBJ place, delicious though they may be, but this one has been in the news because of its amazing heart.

You might have already seen the story on the news. It warmed my heart. Apparently the owner of this place went outside to throw out the garbage and saw that the dumpster had been rummaged through. She could tell that table scraps had been removed and her heart sank because she realized someone with nothing had come there for a meal. So, she posted a note inviting the dumpster diver to come in for a free meal. Of course it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich she is offering - that's what she serves, but what a nice gesture.

Many restaurants give to the homeless and the needy and it is certainly a wonderful thing whenever anyone does something nice for those in need.  This is getting a lot of publicity though and is even collecting numerous suggestions.  Their facebook page (HERE) is filled with wonderful ideas already and more keep on coming.  Here is another example of people making a difference!  Peanut butter and jelly might not be a very traditional way to change the world, but it sure seems to be making a huge impact.  The first news story I saw was last evening and this morning there is tons of additional coverage! 
The restaurant, by the way, is called PB Jams and it's in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, much farther along on Route 66 than my Arizona location, but I do hope to visit there someday.  Ashley Jiron is the wonderful owner I have been talking about and it is such a joy to know that there are people like her operating businesses.  More about these great people on that facebook page I mentioned and on their website at http://www.howdoyoulikeyournuts.com/ - their menu is there too!

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