Friday, April 24, 2015

No Hate Here

Have you seen the news lately? Hate seems to be making a comeback. I keep reading stories about people who are going to withhold service (wedding cakes, pizza, automotive service) from people because they are gay. How about the recent anti-Islam hate in the City of Brotherly Love? Racial discrimination and hatred seems to be everywhere. Look at all the black men who have been killed by police officers. Hate speech is all around too. A white supremacist who admits to killing his gay ex-employer: "I feel no remorse, I hate faggots with a passion."

It isn't brand new. There has always been hatred somewhere and on just about every newscast, there is something negative to report. I'm mentioning all of this because someone recently asked me why I never take a stand against hate. Apparently we haven't met. I have always been against any form of hate and I stand against it every day. In this space, I choose to take the high road though and talk about good things - positive things that people are doing and that we ALL can do. Obviously, if we are all doing good, then there will be no bad.
Yes, I am disgusted that any human being would kill another in cold blood.  Yes, I am disgusted that people would be discriminated against because of who they are.  The desecration of the grave of Hillary Clinton's father sickens me.  The individuals and the organizations that promote hate are disgusting.  In various places I have lived, I have been a part of rallies and events that condemn all forms of hate and, as I said, everything I do is about making the world a better place.  I don't choose to use this space to give more publicity to the haters.  They are already getting far too much attention.  I want to show the love.  I want to focus on the heroes, the folks who are making a difference for the better.
So, there really isn't anything different.  There will be no hate here.  I invite you to join me in wiping it out altogether.  Let's all take a stand against hate!

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