Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal needs help!

I'm sure you have heard by now of the horrible news from the other side of the world - a powerful earthquake that struck early Saturday in Nepal, leaving massive destruction and more than 1,000 people dead. I've been watching pictures from Reuters of the devastation and it is difficult to compare it to anything. Entire buildings have fallen and there are people lost and trapped.

The reports from various sources are changing with every minute.  (For example, when I first heard the news on the radio about 45 minutes ago, they were saying that 850 people had perished.  Minutes later a BBC News report was saying 940.  Right now Reuters is saying over 1,000).  I have just checked several independent online sources and all of the news is bad.

The bottom line is the survivors there are going to need help - money, food, supplies, help with rebuilding, and I urge you to go to RECOGNIZED agencies to donate what you are able.  I stress that you use known sources like the Red Cross, Save the Children, and AmeriCares because your donation will be put to work faster. They are already set to do such things. Sadly, this is when scammers come out too and they take your money and keep it for themselves.
This is also a good reminder that earthquakes and various other natural disasters happen and we need to be prepared.  Do you have an emergency kit ready for such occasions?  Do you have a plan with your co-workers and your family?  Help minimize the horror that can follow such an event by planning.
The news from Nepal, India, and the area effected is certainly going to get worse before it gets better.  Do what you can to help and keep the people there in your prayers.

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