Monday, January 25, 2016


The people in the numerous states who had record amounts of snow dumped on them over the weekend, certainly didn't ask for it. The folks in Alaska who found their houses and businesses shaking violently from another strong earthquake, didn't ask for that either. There have even been some California places in the past few days that have experienced flooding, and while they have indeed been asking for rain, they didn't want these circumstances.

As bad as the past couple of days have been for many, we have also seen some remarkable occurrences - people helping each other - folks working together. How wonderful! Neighbors have check on neighbors and made certain they were okay, and isn't that the way it should be? "Do you have enough food? I'll be happy to share what I have." While circumstances might look rather grim, and their indeed have been some tragedies, it is heartwarming to see folks care about others, and we have seen an awful lot of that in the past few days.

Call it a twist of fate, but this is an often repeated situation - it really isn't new. Circumstances like blizzards, earthquakes, and flooding (and others) do indeed bring people together. Wouldn't it be wonderful if daily life brought us together - if we always cared about others? We can make that happen. We don't need special circumstances. All we need is love.

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