Thursday, January 21, 2016

What is Street Medicine?

In much of the country right now, it is very cold. Imagine sleeping on the streets. Do you know how many people out there are sick and dying? I was thinking about this, and I remembered hearing about Street Medicine Institute, so I did some checking. First let me tell you that I do not know anyone affiliated with this organization, but I am really excited, because there is such a great need. 
From what I have learned, Dr Jim Withers has been at this for awhile, but the Street Medicine Institute was official founded in 2008.  People Magazine and CNN have reported on them as have the Examiner, Pittsburgh Magazine, and others.  The stories are inspiring ones.  We usually think of doctors walking the clean corridors of hospitals and clinics, not the dirty and cold sidewalks of our cities. The stories I have been reading about Dr Withers and the others, and not only encouraging, but very inspiring. In this small blog, there isn't the space to go into great detail, but I urge you to do a little homework yourself, beginning with the Street Medicine Institute website at

When I lived in San Francisco, I remember standing in the cold each December, as we remembered the homeless who had died on the streets. How many of those deaths could have been avoided? What about other communities where the elements are even more severe? Medical care is desperately needed by those who cannot afford it, and often are frightened of the establishment. Hearing about Street Medicine, warms my heart. You can help them by clicking HERE and you can get to know them even better through their facebook page HERE.

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