Friday, January 15, 2016

Two Words: Betty White

We write here about making a difference in this world, and this woman certainly has! Betty White has been entertaining us most of her life, with her numerous radio and television characters, with her public appearances, with her books, with her movies, and so much more. It's not just performance that Betty has given us - she's an activist too and has worked tirelessly on behalf of animal rights as well as human rights.  Sunday she is hopefully taking a little break to celebrate her 94th birthday.

I recall a television program she hosted years ago called Pet Set.  You could tell then that she genuinely loved animals. She's worked with numerous organizations too, including the Morris Animal Foundation, Actors & Others for Animals, African Wildlife Foundation, and the Los Angeles Zoo Commission.  It would be impossible to measure the incredible good she has done.

Betty White has also been an outspoken supporter of marriage equality.  She's been politically active too. She endorsed President  Barack Obama in 2012.

Emmy Awards, a Grammy (which she only recently won at age 90), and even some lifetime achievement awards have been received by this truly talented women who gave us Life with Elizabeth, Date with the Angels, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Betty White Show, Just Men, Mama's Family, The Golden Girls, The Golden Palace, Boston Legal, Hot in Cleveland, and many more.  She has no interest in slowing down either, although as I said, I hope she is taking a break to celebrate today and to know how much we all appreciate the joy she has brought to our world!

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