Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fear no evil

Positive words like love, and peace, and thanks, and beauty are what you usually find here. I prefer to talk about doing good things and making positive changes in our world. I like to write about heroes and folks who are making a difference. It's always nicer on the high road. That doesn't mean though that all is well with the world and that there is nothing bad to worry about. There is plenty of bad - WAY too much. But we need to stand strong and fearlessly fight against any evil.

I have friends who come from Indonesia. I also know several people who are either living there, or visiting right now. The terrorist attacks last night in Jakarta really hit home for me. You no doubt have already heard the news. I have found out that nobody I know was injured, although two men I know, had just left the area where the explosions occurred and had to shelter in place where they were, until they knew for certain that everything was safe. Thursday in Jakarta was certainly not a good night.

Last night I heard of so many negative happening during the evening news, that it would have been very easy to switch to a comedy or turn the tv off altogether. We were reminded of the gun deaths in so many places in the past months, and the resistance by many to do anything about it. I won't go into great detail here - we don't have that much space, but Wednesday night on the news, was not a good night.

On Tuesday night, a group of about ten young men, approached two men sitting at a bus stop in San Francisco's Mission District. Somehow a fight broke out, and one of the group of young men repeatedly stabbed one of the sitting men. Another attacker went after the other man who had been sitting, cutting up his back. Tuesday night in San Francisco's Mission, was not a good night.

Lone gunmen, deranged doers of evil, followers of cults or of terror organizations, local mobsters, and all assorted criminals can turn our world upside down. Sometimes it looks like they are winning. Don't let them. Don't fear the evil. Don't let bad win. Counter it with good. Stand firm and spread the love.

This morning a friend of mine who was in Jakarta during the attacks tweeted "Jakarta is strong! Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes!" Another friend posted on facebook "We are not afraid," and in face the hashtag ‪#‎JAKARTANOTAFRAID is trending right now. Good. The bad cannot win. Good must prevail, and we can make that happen. Today, do your very best, to spread good.

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