Saturday, June 18, 2016

I will not shut up

I've always wanted to contribute to the good of the world - to give back, and to make a difference. That is why I began this blog. I thought that by making simple suggestions and by reporting on the marvelous deeds of others, I just might inspire a few folks into action. Since comments are very seldom made here (although they are always welcome), I really have no idea if anyone is ever moved by these words. From the counter, I do know that many people visit this page, so I can only hope they are reading and sharing. From day to day, what I write here usually changes a bit by specific subject. This week it looks like I will be making an exception. I will not shut up about the horror in Orlando. Although this blog is not supposed to be about me, I must share with you that I am angry and sad and frustrated and so many other emotions. Expect me to keep on talking.

Any loss of life is bad. Let me make this perfectly clear. I would be saddened at a mass killing like what happened on Sunday, regardless of where it took place and who the victims were. At a time when lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are being verbally attacked every single day and when politicians and clergy are dismissing the lgbt community as folks who don't matter, this becomes even more sad. Human beings died on Sunday morning. They were targeted. We still don't know all the details of this incident, but we know that lgbt people have been individually targeted and targeted as a group on so many occasions before. I said this yesterday, and I will say it again, it's truly a sad day when the places in a community where individuals go to feel safe are made to be unsafe. It's not only sad, but I find it frustrating. Where can you go to be safe?

Imagine for a moment that people were attacking you because you had brown eyes or because you are left-handed. Attacks on the lgbt community are because of difference. How can you attack someone because of who they are? Oh and don't think for one moment that this was an isolated incident by a lone gunman in Florida. In the past 72 hours, I have heard so many people rejoicing in these murders. I have heard clergy in their churches, saying this was a good thing. How many of your friends have ignored this and said nothing, because to them, there was nothing wrong. It reminds me of Harvey Fierstein's speech from Torch Song Trilogy:

"They killed him on the street. 30 years old laying dead. Killed by kids with baseball bats! That's right Ma, killed by children. Children taught by people like you. Queers don't matter! Queers don't love! And those that do deserve what they get!"

Nobody deserves to be murdered. I woman resisting her rapist does not deserve to die. A Black man stopped by a police officer does not deserve to be shot. 49 people enjoying their weekend in a gay club do not deserve to be executed. We need to get rid of the "they deserve what they get" mentality because again, NOBODY deserves that. NOBODY!

Last night I learned that many in Orlando are afraid to leave their house. This is lgbt Pride Month and celebrations are happening at various times all over the country. Yesterday I learned of a gay woman who usually attends where she lives, faced with a dilemma. Now more than ever, she wants to be present at this year's event (later this month), but out of fear for her safety, he mother is begging her to stay home. Nobody deserves to live in fear either.

We really need to heal this world and spread some love around. I KNOW it is possible. Who's with me?

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