Thursday, June 30, 2016

Positive news

Gun violence is out of control. Anti-lgbt feelings are high with hate crimes all too common. During this LGBT Pride month, it might be easy to throw your hands up in the air, and say "Is it ever going to be good?"

I just heard that ChristianMingle has opened its doors to gay singles! Seriously. Of course it took a lawsuit and a judge-approved settlement to make it happen, but still this is good news. Christian rocker Trey Pearson has come out to his fans as gay. Oh and the other day, Pope Francis said that gays deserve an apology from the Church. Of course many mainstream Christian denominations already welcome our lgbt sisters and brothers, but as you know, much of the hate speech has been wrapped in religion. I can only look on these few developments as positive change.

There has been a lot more talk in the past few weeks about guns too and the lgbt community seems to be credited with leading a charge. That too is positive. I don't know where this will end up, but if we are heading away from hate and away from violence, that certainly is a good thing.
There was tons of positive news from many different Pride celebrations this month too.  The Orlando victims were memorialized as were other victims of hate.  Those vigils and moments of silence didn't just come from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.  There have been more and more heterosexual allies standing and making themselves be heard. 
We need to keep this up though.  The media has already drifted away from the Orlando massacre and the issue of gun safety, just as I predicted.  Don't let them.  Call your local radio and tv stations.  Write letters to the editor.  Let your voice be heard.  Hate must end and gun violence must end as well.  Together we can make it happen.

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