Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Writing this blog every morning, I have always tried to remain fairly neutral. I want to tell the stories of people who are making our world a better place, and offer suggestions on how we all can do that. I frequently ask for you the reader to make suggestions too. Numerous times when mass murders happened, I have commented on the loss or life and often when I see violence and discrimination directed toward any specific group of people, I have commented. I made a decision a week ago to keep harping on this too until I see some sort of progress.

Let me be clear, because I am talking about two things. The massacre in Orlando was another example of gun violence, but it was also another example of hatred toward the lgbt community. BOTH need to stop. Gun safety is an important issue and it needs to be seriously address, but so is anti-lgbt discrimination and hate. Two. Two very necessary things to do something about. Are you with me?

Think of some positive ways we can make the world safer. Think of some realistic goals we can have. Please. This is important. Lives are at stake. We simply cannot allow anymore hate crimes to happen. We simply cannot turn our back on part of humanity. If you agree with me, begin by directing people here to this blog for updates and share you views openly and completely with family and friends. Let the world know that you are not a supporter of hate and that you want to see and end to gun violence.

I'm not giving up. (You may know that I NEVER give up when it comes to anything, but again, we are talking about peoples' lives). Two important things. Let's stop the hate and let's stop the gun violence.

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