Thursday, June 16, 2016

Never Give Up

For all of the moments of pessimism and hopelessness that so many have felt this week, there is something bigger to remember. Yesterday I spoke of feeling the love, and while it may seem at times like there is none, open your eyes and see. Perhaps we would like more, but let's take what we have, and build on it. With all the struggles, remember that often the road is a rough one. Don't quit though. There is so much to gain by sticking with it.

It may look like the lgbt community is under attack, but while this week has shown a lot of hate and negativity, it has also shown a lot of love and support. We have seen good people standing up and making a difference. Watching Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, I was moved to tears several times. He has done such an excellent job in covering the horror in Orlando, and he has shown us hope. This crisis is shining a light on many areas of discrimination, and hopefully some real change will come out of this. There is still a ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood, and that was something that many learned for the first time this week. Hopefully the attention will bring about change.

Guns. Do we need them? Should here be some kind of reform? Do we solve the problem of mass-murders some other way? This is something else that is getting a lot of attention. We need to stay focused and dedicated to reaching a solution.

When a terrible tragedy happens, there is nearly wall to wall coverage for the first several hours. The media keeps looking at the situation for a few days after that. Slowly everyone forgets. This time, let's not forget! Let us be determined to keep with it until the solutions come and the hate is removed and we have truly made progress. We cannot give up.  We should never give up!

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