Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Guy who makes a difference

Many of you who read this will have never before heard of Guy Tang, the talented West Hollywood hair artist, originally from Oklahoma.  Even those of you who already know of him, may not know how he is doing so much good and making a difference in this world.

Besides his hair work and modeling, Guy is an outspoken activist.  He may not refer to himself that way, but everything he does helps break down stereotypes for both gays and Asians.  In an Internet site that he maintains as well as on social media, Guy Tang stands up to the racist remarks that are all too frequent and he actively engages in dialogue that helps open up minds.

Of course being a talented model, dancer, and hair artist can make a difference in the world too.  Talent should never be wasted, and Guy joyously shares his many talents every day.  It is his warmth, determination, and desire to show Asian men as they really are that made me take notice.  Love for family and friends count a great deal in my book too and again we see Guy on top.

This blog is about doing good and making a difference, and Guy Tang is most certainly a good example of that.  You can find out more about him at

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