Saturday, March 2, 2013

Free the slaves with lemonade

When we first wrote about this little girl back in August, she had already received a lot of press, and for a very good reason - not only does she have a stand (lemonade) but she is taking a stand (against slavery).  Because of Vivienne Harr I learned about something that I really had no idea about and knowledge is the beginning of all change.  I don't often write about the same subject twice, but with Vivienne, I will make an exception.

Last year she  saw a picture of two children with huge rocks strapped across their little backs. They held each others hand to help them feel a little better, and give strength to each other.  To young Vivienne it was horrible - two young kids, her own age, being forced to do such enormous heavy labor.  I saw pictures.  It really is quite horrible!  Vivienne didn't let it end there though.  She told her dad that she needed to do something and with help from her parents she opened her little lemonade stand.

That might not sound like much.  That is how this all began though.  Now the story has been told and retold and more and more people are getting involved and are helping with this mission.  Her goal is to raise enough money to free 500 child slaves!  I think she will end up doing much more!  With your help of course just about anything is possible - with the help of us ALL.

Donate HERE.  That's one of the easy things.  Another very easy thing is to just share this information.  Tell your friends - get other people  involved!  Learn more about slavery too by going to this website: and also by searching for information in your own area.  People think of slavery as something from the past or something in "those" places, but the truth is, slavery is probably right in your own town and you can do something about it.  Follow this little girl's lead and take action! 

The lemonade stand has grown.  It was originally a cup on the side of the road and now there is actually bottled lemonade (two kinds) via their website - how wonderful!  As they grow, their ability to give and to reach their goal of freeing children from slavery comes closer.  I have a feeling I will be updating you again.  There is a lot of determination at this lemonade stand!  Lend them a hand - get involved!

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