Friday, March 22, 2013

More on AIDS and AIDS Walk

The words from Randy Shilts which I shared here yesterday are of course only part of the picture.  Randy did an excellent job of covering the early days of HIV/AIDS, both in the San Francisco Chronicle and in his book And the Band Played On, which was also made into a movie.  Much has happened since Randy left us though.

In recent year the number of AIDS related deaths has declined, but the deaths still come.  AIDS services are needed just as much today.  That is one reason why fundraisers like AIDS Walk are so important.  I invite you to join in.  There are AIDS Walk events not only here in San Francisco but in several other cities as well.  You can get details at
If you are not in a city where AIDS Walk takes place, consider sponsoring a walker (like me) or simply make a general donation.

Learn the facts too. is a good place to go if your information is limited.  Someday we will see an even to AIDS, but until there's a cure, we need to keep on trying.  We cannot give up and walk away. 

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