Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Red Cross Month

I'm not sure if you know it but the American Red Cross, those folks who show up and offer aid after a fire or flood, is a charitable organization, not a government agency.  They depend on volunteers and donations to perform their mission.   The work they do is legendary, but most of us take it for granted when thinking about the needs of that organization.  Well friends, this is Red Cross Month and so let us take a moment to learn more and to consider donating and volunteering.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed the first Red Cross Month back in 1943 in support of Red Cross fundraising efforts and to respond to needs brought on by World War II.  President Barack Obama followed in the footsteps of all the Presidents since and issued the annual proclamation.  In it he said "The American Red Cross has proudly upheld a commitment to service that spans generations. Witness to the scars left by civil war, Clara Barton founded the organization in 1881 as a way to lift up the suffering - from warriors wounded in the line of duty to families displaced by damaging storms. In the years since, countless service and relief organizations have joined the American Red Cross in realizing that noble vision."

We think about the blood donors of course or the volunteers who show up to help displaced families after fires, but the Red Cross does so much more.  President Obama also pointed out that "We saw the depth of their dedication just 4 months ago, when the sweeping devastation of Hurricane Sandy put millions of Americans in harm's way. In darkness and danger, thousands of professionals and volunteers stepped up to serve."

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