Friday, March 15, 2013

Go inspire more

When I first met Toan Lam, he was working as a reporter at KRON4, a local television station here in San Francisco.  (Actually he might have just left the station.  I remember our introduction, but can't quite remember when it was).  I knew about his new job, or perhaps I should say "calling."  I wrote about Go Inspire Go a couple of times here, as a matter of fact.  The key word there is inspire, because that is exactly what it does.

What we do here every day in this blog, is write about giving back - making a difference in the world.  From everything I have seen and read, Toan Lam could easily be the posterboy for giving back and for inspiring others to do likewise.  What an incredible idea he had.  What incredible work he continues to do!

So, I'd like to once again invite you to check out their website.  There are tons of hearwarming stories there and ways that we can all join in.  It's pretty easy to get there - - just click there and you will be sent directly to these wonderful stories.  Help Go Inspire Go continue their wonderful mission of making a difference.  You can add your own stories.  You can donate airline miles to them.  You can like them on facebook and follow them on twitter.  Tell your friends too!

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