Monday, June 3, 2013

A few of my favorite things

Just in case you were wondering, I am not writing today about raindrops on roses nor about cream colored ponies or crisp apple streudels.  I did see a cute kitten this morning during my early run, but didn't notice if it had whiskers.  Today I do want to take this big giant cyber package and tie it with string, at least for a moment.  I want to talk just a tiny bit more about a few of my favorite things.

First, I have written so many times about Go Inspire Go and especially their latest venture, the 50-50 campaign, telling the stories of 50 people in all 50 states.  Yesterday the big campaign came to a close and the $25,000 goal was met and even a bit more was collected!  Wonderful news and I hope you will keep your eyes open to see the fantastic heart-warming reports that will be coming our way.  You can always stay up to date on their activities at and can even make a donation that way.

Another of my favorite things is the San Francisco Night Ministry and I was fortunate to be able to attend their Open House yesterday and here even more heartwarming stories.  Someone said that as a volunteer, they actually bring more home from their shifts than they bring in.  It is very satisfying to know that you have been a help to someone else.  Their mission statement says they provide "compassionate non-judgmental pastoral care, counseling, referral and crisis intervention to anyone in any kind of distress."  I have seen this up close and know what a valuable service they provide.  I have written about them here before of course, and certainly will again, but anytime you want an update or to volunteer or donate you can simply go to
Finally I want to mention AIDS Walk San Francisco once again because it is now just over a month away and it too is a favorite thing because it provides funds, information, social networking, and helps keep the public reminded that we still need to conquer HIV/AIDS.  I am one of the walkers and over the weekend, thanks to so many of my generous friends, I hit the $1,000 mark.
There are days that are less inspiring than others and some that are filled with so much bad news in the paper and on television that it might easily depress you.  Just like Julie Andrews though, I simply remember my favorite things, and well you know the rest!

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