Thursday, June 6, 2013

Credit where credit is due

I strongly believe in giving credit where it is due.  These days that may be rare, but that is a part of who I am, and although this blog is supposed to be NOT about me, it is written by me and therefore I need to make a few things clear.
The words written here every day are mine.  Occasionally I have quoted other sources, but I have clearly noted that.  I also clearly indicate that other sources might be good for some of the topics I discuss here and I link, when possible, to those sources.  The information I provide is from first-hand knowledge or from published sources that I reference. 
The images are either from pictures I have taken, drawings I have done, or from pictures that have been send to me, or from images believed to be in the public domain. l'd easily write this without any images because the message is in the words.
Recently I used a man's image, believing that since he had sent it to me, I had a right to use it.  Well, it turns out that someone else, a professional, had taken that picture.  It has been removed from here and I have apologized to the photographer.  I cannot make much of a difference in the world if I am a thief, and I humbly apologize to anyone who may have been hurt.
Finally, this has always been meant to be "our" blog, not mine.  I write observations and make suggestions and invite you to do the same.  Rarely is there any feedback here.  I do get the occasional email.  I will give credit to the core of loyal readers, but some days there are only 40 visits to this page - not terribly busy!

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