Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not Yet

Watching the decisions of the United States Supreme Court this morning and wondering if today would be the day they rule on two separate  cases they are deciding on same-sex marriage.  Sometime this month.  Sometime, but not yet.  Today was not the day.

It's a simple matter of equality - simple justice, many would argue.  So, what's taking them so long?  On top of that, many organizations having been making predictions.  The justices will likely do this or might do that.  I'm not sure what good this kind of forecasting does, but I think it just makes everyone more anxious.

Earlier this month, a Pew Research Center poll found 51 percent saying gay marriage should be legal and 72 percent saying it is “inevitable.” Last month a Gallup poll found that 53 percent of Americans favor legalized gay marriage.  The Supreme Court Justices do not decide though on popular opinion.  They have to stick to the law and they way they interpret it.
And so we wait.  Hopefully justice will come soon.

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