Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Very proud of Jason

Having just written here about Jason Galisatus back in April, you would think I could not possibly have anything else to say.  Wrong!  Jason is like that battery powered bunny - he keeps going and going and going.  By his example and leadership, so many good things are happening, and I am certain he will see more and more good from him.
This being LGBT Pride week here in San Francisco, as I mentioned yesterday, I thought I would write about some people who are making a difference for the lgbt community and starting with Jason just seems so natural.  He will be leading the Bay Area Youth Summit (BAYS) contingent in Sunday's parade/  BAYS is an organization, founded by Jason,  that seeks to empower LGBT and allied youth to decide to make the difference in their communities by taking a leading role in the fight against bullying and it is the only completely youth-led LGBT organization in the world.

Jason has worked with San Francisco Mayors Ed Lee and Gavin Newsom as the LGBT Community Liaison. This year he was named Best LGBT youth activist for the Bar Area Reporter's 2013 Readers Choice Awards.  He is just at home with senior citizens though.  If you want to see Jason interact with veteran gays, take a look at Coming Out in the 1960s by clicking HERE.  Of course that will only give you another tiny glimpse of him.  There really is a lot to see.

One of the things I keep noticing is that Jason is as humble as he is dedicated.  In a very short time he has done a lot and nothing will keep him from continuing to make a difference in our world.

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