Monday, June 17, 2013

Outing Tim Redmond

Information, I have always said, is key to a democratic society and certainly important for any change to occur in our world.  Tim Redmond has long dealt in information.  He is an incredible writer and editor and is probably the best known progressive journalist in the San Francisco area.  For the past thirty years he has been at The Bay Guardian.  Now he is out.
In his blog last Friday Redmond said he "got a letter from Todd (Vogt) saying ‘your resignation is accepted.’ But I never submitted a resignation.”  The media has since reported the same thing.  Redmond says he was fired and Vogt says he quit.  Regardless of which is true, Redmond is no longer at the Guardian and that is sad news indeed.
How respectable is our news media these days?  How much can we trust them?  There could be a very long discussion just on that question.  Things have changed and I don't think for the better.  This week we have just the latest example.  Outing Tim Redmond from his position is just the latest symptom of a much bigger problem.  So what's next?

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