Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Will, I Do, We Did

Profiling different Bay Area LGBT heroes this week, I wasn't sure yesterday whether or not to write about Molly McKay then or now.  As you know, I wrote about Gavin Newsom first but Molly has been a huge part of the whole Marriage Equality fight and she is a hero of mine on so many levels.  Today therefore is her day here.

When I first met Molly McKay, her partner was a woman.  The documentary "I Will, I Do, We Did" was shot at the height of the landmark same-sex marriages that took place in February 2004 and Molly and her then partner are at the center of it.  The two would later separate, but that did not slow down Molly's determination to see marriage equality become a reality.
I have been an activist of some sort all my life, but it was Molly McKay's energy and confidence that made me care so much about marriage equality too.  I have to admit, yesterday morning as I heard the announcement, the first thing I did was look for Molly's face.  It was a bit hard to see with the tears flowing from my eyes, but I know she was smiling!
Thank you Molly for making a difference.  Thank you too for showing that there is more than one way to love, because you now are married to a man, I think it gives an excellent example of how there are many sides to us all!  Thanks Molly, and happy Pride!

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