Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In their memory

In the year just ended I was touched by the passing of a number of people. Many of you were as well. There were famous people who died of course and then their were our friends and our family members. Some of them I wrote about here.

The hardest of any of the deaths this year was of course the passing of my dear mother. She had only a few months earlier moved to live closer to me, and the smile on her face when she held a house blessing party back in February lit up the whole Bay Area.  It was comforting to have so many come out for her funeral.

The deaths of Helen Thomas, one of the longest working American journalists, South African President Nelson Mandela, and dingbat Jean Stapleton were among the celebrity deaths that particularly touched me.  I was even more saddened by deaths of people I knew personally like activists William Swanson, Jazzie Collins, Felipe Sanchez Paris, and just a few days ago his husband Bishop Otis Charles.  Oh and I was also quite sad at the passing of hat lady Ruth Dewson.  What an honor it was to know her.
Yet time goes on. Every year people we know leave us, but something they don't take is our wonderful memories of them. Some who die we continue to think about every day our lives. Some we only think about occasionally. As 2014 begins, take a few minutes to think of those who have gone before. In their memory, resolve to be a better person. Think of the good that came from them and build on it. Think of all they contributed, and be thankful.

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