Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowblowing Good Neighbor

Remember when the snow was falling in record amounts a few weeks back?  It was pretty incredible in many parts of the country and the guy here in this picture did something pretty incredible as a result.  He is one of those wonderful people who believe in giving back - in practicing random acts of kindness.  Channel 17 in Grand Rapids, MI found out and reported the story of Brian Torrey and how he cleared not only the snow at his own house, but also to snowblow the driveways and sidewalks of all his neighbors.
When I watched the television report my first thought was of the extreme cold.  Look at the frost and snow all over Torrey as he is being interviewed.  The next thing I noticed is how humble this man is.  The reporter is praising him and he is basically saying it's no big deal.  He was outside in the freezing cold for hours to help his neighbors out, but it's no bog deal to him.  That is a hero.  That's someone who really gets it.  It always warms my heart to hear of stories like this and lately I have been hearing more and more of them.
Just a couple days ago I listed a lot of simple random acts of kindness.  Sweeping off a neighbor's driveway might make such a list.  Removing A LOT of snow in the extreme cold from the property of several neighbors is no simple act.  It's huge!  Thanks Brian Torrey for being such a good neighbor!

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